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Stuffy Nose No More With Joykids Nasal Aspirator

So as a mother of two kids,  the thing that worries me the most is whenever they got sick.  Mikael would wail and become so clingy always wanted to be carried, but the baby brother is another different story.  Though Maleqi is just 5 months old he has been through a lot.  By alot, I mean A LOT!. Now lets just focus on stuffy nose.  The other day Mikael was getting symptoms of flu, coughing and stuffy nose.  I know next thing its the brother's turn to get infected.
 Mikael  (2 years old) and Maleqi (4 months old)

Magic Jelly Lovera | 5 Kegunaan Aloe Vera Untuk Kecantikan

Tahukah anda, Aloe Vera merupakan antara bahan yang terkenal dan digunakan secara meluas untuk mengubati masalah yang berkaitan kulit?.  Terdapat pelbagai jenis tutorial dan tips yang boleh didapati di internet mengenai cara penggunaan Aloe Vera untuk kecantikan.  Bukan sahaja boleh diletakkan di muka, kulit dan rambut tetapi gel Aloe Vera juga dikatakan mampu  untuk membantu meningkatkan sistem imun badan, membekalkan nutrien dan juga membantu pencernaan makanan jika dimakan.

magic jelly lovera

Laundry Dilemma, Let Mama Wosh Wash It For You!.

With hectic lifestyle that we are living in nowadays doing the laundry seems to be time consuming. A person roughly spend at least an hour a day to do the laundry.  Starting with putting clothes into washing machine then dryer and lastly the final and dreaded closure - folding the laundry.  With such issue appears to be on demand nowadays, Mama Wosh has come up with ideas of doing the laundry on your behalf.  Oh, and good news they fold your laundry too.  

Review : SK-II Cellumination Aura Essence

SK-II Cellumination Aura Essence
SK-II Cellumination Aura Essence | Thanks to the technology in beauty industry, we can now have our skin be treated without even have to go under the knife.  There are plenty of the beauty products readily available over the counter to treat skin problems such as acne,  dull skin, uneven skin tone, scars, large pores or even to remove white and black heads.  However, problems arise when the results is not as close to what the label on the box says, but very much a disappointment.  When I say this trust me, I have been there.