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Help! My baby could not sleep at Night | Tasneem Naturel

Tasneem Naturel comes to the rescue.  Having to work and juggle family at the same time can be very tiring and exhausting.  What more if your baby constantly wakes up every now and then during the night.  Added some tantrums and it can turn your whole world upside down.  Sounds dramatic but true.  For first time parents, things can be a lot worse because a baby does not comes with a manual guide albeit every child is different no matter how many children you have.  Lucky for us new generation mothers, now we have abundance selection of products that we can use to apply to our baby.  Is it safe? Absolutely yes. 

Common issues with baby especially newborn to kids is could not sleep well at night.  Not just that sometimes during the time that the baby should be napping, but they just would not sleep.  So what happen if baby could not sleep at night?  They often throw tantrums, crying for no reason, scratching things or their body because they feel uncomfortable.  However, you can now scratch that “my baby could not sleep well off your list because Tasneem Naturel got your back.  Buckle up mothers; we are here for a solution to our problem.

Let me introduce you to Sleep Time by Tasneem Naturel. An ingenious way to incorporate the usage of Essential Oils into balm can benefit baby even to older people like us.  For recent years Essential Oil has become so popular and the purchase of essential oil has increased tremendously due to the widespread articles that we can see over the internet.  What is sleep time balm?

Sleep Time is a balm made from combination of several essential oils that is suitable to be applied to users of any age including babies.  The balm has combination of several Essentials Oil such as Cedarwood, Lavender, Vetiver, Chamomile , Orange, Marjoram, Bergamot and Ylang Ylang.

What is unique about sleep time balm is not just it is made with several combination of essential oils but they also use 100% natural ingredients from its carrier oil, shea butter and beeswax.  

How to apply Sleep Time balm by Tasneem Naturel?

Apply the balm on along the backbone, palm of the feet, pulse, on the back of the ears and the wrist. The balm can be applied at any time whenever required.  Tips : Apply the balm 30 minutes before the bedtime, best accompanied with massage to make the baby feel relaxed at calm.

What Sleep Time Balm helps to do?
  •        To promote a better and peaceful sleep
  •     To help your baby to have a happy mood when awake
  •     To improve the sleep quality

A baby love to have a routine, this includes his sleeping time.  As a parent what we must ensure is our baby to have enough sleep and rest because it is very crucial for his development.  Even experts suggest that baby with lack of sleep and rest tend to be moody and grumpy and this affects his physical and mental development.  Make a sleep routine and stick to it.  Once your baby has get used to the timetable he will adjust accordingly.  Another way is to use Sleep Time balm as an alternative to help induce sleep.

Video : Maleqi was veryyyy sleepy and could sleep any minute but he still holds it. 

One thing I learn over the years is a happy mother makes a happy family. Exhibit A depicts an upset baby.  He is actually wanted to sleep but still could not find his comfort zone to drift off to sleep yet.  It happens often when we went to a different place for a sleepover or when we went back to the hometown.  My baby finds it difficult to sleep at places which he was not familiar with.  Be it for nap time or sleeping at night.  You can see that he is already sleepy and should fall asleep any minutes but he still try to stay awake.  Comparing him to his brother, he is a tough cookie J .  He refuses to sleep because he finds it more fun to play with his cars, trucks and the likes.  With the help of Sleep Time, though he still makes a fuss before he sleep I find that he sleeps better.  Of course he does crank up but not long like before.  It is more manageable after I use the Sleep Time on him.

Products of Tasneem Naturel Balm

Apart from Sleep Time balm, Tasneem Naturel has come up with 3 other balms that target to help with baby commons problems. Scroll below: 

  •        Sleep Time :  Support Restful Sleep
  •        F- Rub : Ease Tummy Discomfort
  •        CF Rub : Soothe Cough and Flu
  •        Calm Time : Promote Whole Body Relaxation

F- Rub 
To help easy tummy discomfort
To help with stomach gasses for baby

Sleep Time
To promote better and peaceful sleep
To make your baby in good mood after awake
To improve sleep quality

CF Rub
         To help with flue and cough
     To reduce and ease the breathing for asthma
     To help lower body temperature when having fever

Calm Time
 To provide calmness and peace to the baby 
To reduce tiredness and stress

If you wish to purchase Tasneem Naturel products for your baby refer below:

HOTLINE: 011-20964665 (ORDER) , 010-8453469 (DAFTAR AGEN & STOKIS)


Share with me your common baby issues that you have trouble with in the comment section below.  I love to know which balm you would try to your baby :) 

Review on Jade Roller That Supermodels Swear By #beautytrends

Lets talk about the current beauty tool that has been flooding all over Instagram.  It is the Jade Massage Roller.  The tool has been around back in the days when Chinese people uses jade to roll it on their face.  Said to have a lot of benefits, Jade Roller has now become one of the beauty tool that even supermodel swears by.  Sound convincing for you to try one yet?.  Lets get the Jade roller and put it to the test.

What is a Jade Face Roller?

A jade face roller is a roller made from jade uses typically to massage the face.  To put it simply, a jade face a two or one headed jade handheld roller.  The jade massage roller is popular among Chinese people at first until recently beauty brands made it popular and known to the rest of us.  The jade massage roller can be used with any skin types.  It does not matter what skin types you have, you can get the benefits from it.

Benefits of Using Jade Massage Roller on Face

So what makes Jade roller worth a spot in your vanity table?.  Lets get to know what benefits of using jade massage roller on your skin. 

  • helps to reduce eye puffiness and fine lines
  • improve blood circulation on the face and neck 
  • can promote lymphatic drainage
  • helps to reduce and prevent wrinkles
  • helps products to be easily absorbed by the skin 

Adding jade roller to your skin routine is simple,  just roll your face with the jade roller for a few minutes before applying your serum or moisturizer and thats it.  You will notice a significant difference in your skin as compared to applying it without the jade roller. 

Does Jade Massage Roller Really Works?. 

Since I got to experience using the jade roller first hand, here is what I think about the tools.  But before that, lets get to know my skin condition if this might help you to decide better if Jade face roller is the right tools for you. My skin condition ranging from normal to dry but not oily.  For skincare I tend to go for products and serum that provides hydration and has moisturizing effects.  Before I have the jade roller I use my hand to apply the products with a patting motion i.e toner, serum, essence and moisturizer.  

Ok move on to the jade roller. There are a few varieties of the jade massage roller available in the market including colors. However all are made from jade and serve the same purpose. The jade roller that I got is the 2 headed jade, one big and one smaller on the other end. 

How to use the jade roller on the face 

As you can see there are two different size of jade on each end.  The bigger part meant for larger part of the face like the forehaead, cheek and chin while the smaller one meant for smaller area like under eyes, chin and your upper lips.  Now you got the technical part right lets move on to directions on how to use the massage roller. 

  • Roll your roller on the cheek in an upward motion for a few times.  This could help you cheek to be firm and glow.  
  • Roll your roller on your forehead to diminish the frown line and allow your blood to circulate better in the area
  • Roll your roller under your eyes to remove the puffiness, especially in the morning if you tend to have your face looks swollen and puffy. 
  • Dont forget to roll the jade around your neck area in an upward motion.  Always remember to include your neck in your beauty routine.    

My verdict on the Jade Massage Roller

 I like how it helps to massage my skin especially if you put the jade roller in the fridge for a few minutes before rolling it to your skin.  It feels relaxing and does help with the puffiness.  Price wise it can range from $2 to $70 on the market. My suggestion is to check with the manufacturer or the seller that what you are purchasing is pure jed.  In my opinion imitation will not work very well.
Its exciting to try out new products that are available in the market and if you are the type of person who like to keep up with the trend, then its a YES.  Overall its a good product. 

If you are interested to try out the Jade Roller for yourself, you may click to the link below:
Natural Jade Guasha Facial Massage Roller

Stuffy Nose No More With Joykids Nasal Aspirator

So as a mother of two kids,  the thing that worries me the most is whenever they got sick.  Mikael would wail and become so clingy always wanted to be carried, but the baby brother is another different story.  Though Maleqi is just 5 months old he has been through a lot.  By alot, I mean A LOT!. Now lets just focus on stuffy nose.  The other day Mikael was getting symptoms of flu, coughing and stuffy nose.  I know next thing its the brother's turn to get infected.
 Mikael  (2 years old) and Maleqi (4 months old)

Magic Jelly Lovera | 5 Kegunaan Aloe Vera Untuk Kecantikan

Tahukah anda, Aloe Vera merupakan antara bahan yang terkenal dan digunakan secara meluas untuk mengubati masalah yang berkaitan kulit?.  Terdapat pelbagai jenis tutorial dan tips yang boleh didapati di internet mengenai cara penggunaan Aloe Vera untuk kecantikan.  Bukan sahaja boleh diletakkan di muka, kulit dan rambut tetapi gel Aloe Vera juga dikatakan mampu  untuk membantu meningkatkan sistem imun badan, membekalkan nutrien dan juga membantu pencernaan makanan jika dimakan.

magic jelly lovera